App Store Compliance

By Koo App

Koo App is a microblogging platform which enables interaction and connection between users from multiple languages. Koo App contains a large amount of User Generated Content and the team places utmost importance on the safety of its users. Koo already implements and will continue to implement policies and features to provide a safe experience.

Objectionable Content

Koo’s Community Guidelines & Terms of Service contain detailed guidelines on what constitutes Objectionable Content on its platform. 

As a general rule, Koo prohibits posting of any content that is deliberately offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust or in exceptionally poor taste. Koo specifically prohibits users from posting  defamatory or inflammatory or inaccurate or discriminatory content, relating to religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups. 

Koo implements its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service in line with the legal definitions of the jurisdiction where content is visible. We believe that nations know their cultural and legal context better than a platform and therefore content must be evaluated in line with these local legal requirements. 

We believe it is disrespectful to create your own legal structures based on a superficial understanding of a country’s context. Koo cannot and does not deem something illegal if a country’s laws do not state so and vice versa. 

Reporting and Redressal 

Koo’s core mission is to provide users a safe and trusted platform. We aim to provide our users a wholesome community to meaningfully engage with each other in a language of their choice. To help us achieve that, we expect all our users to abide by our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Koo’s Reporting & Redressal page lists the various mechanisms for reporting objectionable materials. Koo’s Content Moderation Guidelines  transparently state the processes that are followed when content is reported, how it is classified, the nature and kind of actions that Koo takes and how appeals and reinstatements are carried out. 

Contact information for Koo’s Grievance, Nodal and Compliance Officers is published on the Reporting & Redressal page as well as the Contact page. 

To ensure user, advertiser and creator alignment on safety, relevant guidelines and expectations are stated in Koo’s Influencers & Advertisers policies.

Data Privacy & Safety

Koo’s Privacy Policy lists out the nature of information that is collected and how it is used. Koo operates in accordance with ISO 27001: 2013 standards. User Data is collected only on consent, and its handling is in accordance with globally recognized principles, Users can ask for data related to them to be edited, corrected and even deleted. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy and in the Reporting & Redressal Page.