Brand Usage Guidelines

By Koo App

I. Why these guidelines?
  1. Koo logos and trademarks represent the emotive vector attached to free speech. Koo’s visual identity encompasses the visual communication of the brand. From logos and trademarks to colour and typeface. This gives a direct line to emotions attached to Koo, which instantly triggers the reflection of diverse thoughts and the ability to exercise the freedom to express. By extension, all elements of Koo’s visual identity must reflect what it stands for. These guidelines lay down the procedure to be followed while using any of Koo’s logos, wordmarks etc.
  1. These guidelines apply to employees, contractors, trainees, consultants, partners, licensees, developers, customers, any authorised resellers and other entities and individuals authorised to use any element of Koo’s brand.
II. Who owns the brand Koo?
  1. Bombinate Technologies Private Limited (“BTPL”) with its registered office at #849, 11th Main, 2nd Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560008 operates and runs Koo App. BTPL’s trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dresses (collectively “IP Assets”) are its valuable assets. This includes all brand features attached to Koo.
  1. By using BTPL’s IP assets for any commercial purpose without prior written consent and in violation of these requirements is prohibited. By using any BTPL IP Assets, in whole or in part, you acknowledge that BTPL is the sole owner of the IP Assets. In other words, you will not interfere with BTPL’s rights in the trademark including BTPL’s use or registration of such trademarks. In addition, you acknowledge that the goodwill derived from using any part of BTPL’s trademarks and logos exclusively inures to the benefit and belongs to BTPL. Except for the limited right to use, no other rights are granted by implication or otherwise.
  1. BTPL’s logos, app and product icons, illustrations, photographs, videos, and designs can never be used without an explicit license. At its sole discretion, BTPL reserves the right to modify, revoke, terminate or change its brand assets, object to any misuse of its brand assets in any jurisdiction. At its discretion, BTPL reserves the right at any time and without reason to withdraw any consent for use of its IP Assets.
III. How to use the Koo Brand?
  1. To preserve, protect and maintain the brand identity of Koo, proper usage of BTPL’s IP Assets is important. By completing this form, you will have access to a copy of Koo’s Brand Usage Guidelines along with the terms of use. The form gives you access to Koo’s Brand Usuage Guidelines and terms of use. By filling up this form, you have an exclusive right to deploy BTPL’s IP Assets subject to these guidelines, Koo’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  1. If the Terms of Use do not answer your question on proper usage, please do not hesitate to write to with the subject line: Enquiry: Brand Usage Guidelines.
  2. Please note that improper usage of any of BTPL’s IP Assets will invite legal action.
IV. Help us protect our Brand

BTPL is interested in the background information regarding lookalikes, copy-cats or counterfeit apps or products that concern Koo App. If you come across a brand that is deceptively similar to or claims to be Koo; if you find any product on any website or marketplace that contains any of BTPL’s IP Assets, we would like to know. All you have to do here is to insert the link or screenshots that misappropriates BTPL’s IP Assets. To report the existence of such counterfeit apps or any unauthorised use of BTPL’s IP Assets, click here.

We appreciate your help in protecting and securing our brand

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