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Koo Blogs captures the essence of what is happening behind the scenes at Koo. Keep visiting this section to understand how we are building a transparent and fair, thoughts and opinions, platform for India.

Koo’s Architecture

A peek into Koo’s Architecture About Koo Koo is built by India, for India, in Indian languages. Here all Indians can feel comfortable and connect

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Features on Koo

Koo has 100s of features. Many of these may not be found on any other social media / micro-blog app in the world. We highlight

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Koo Brazil

Why Koo exists We started Koo for a purpose. To unite the world. We are a world that’s divided by languages. Koo wants to unite

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The night of November 19

Incident in Brazil:We recently launched Koo App in Brazil and onboarded millions of users who fell in love with the platform we have developed. Felipe

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What does Koo stand for?

Uniting the World Koo is all about uniting the world despite the language barriers. The dream of one world. Globally connected citizens of humanity. The

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Verification on Koo

Koo provides two kinds of ticks to its users. The yellow tick of eminence and the green tick of self-verification. Both these are detailed below

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