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Why Koo exists

We started Koo for a purpose. To unite the world.

We are a world that’s divided by languages. Koo wants to unite the world by enabling everyone inspite of these language barriers. Users should be able to talk to each other in their language, and also speak to other people in the other person’s language. Koo wants to create the most inclusive social experience on the planet.

Just 20% of the world speaks English. 80% of the World speaks a language native to its land. Most global products have a broken experience in languages. We knew this population would seek internet services they could use to connect with each other and get social updates — in the same way as it happens on global social media platforms today. However, they needed a language immersive experience. They needed to be spoken to in their language, given a language keyboard to express themselves and be shown people to connect, who speak their own language. Nobody has as yet created a language immersive experience for expressing and connecting with the world, irrespective of the language.

Many users asked us to enable this experience on the internet. When asked why they wanted it when Twitter already existed, they said that the experience was broken. They didn’t even have the ability to find people who spoke their language. When we delved deeper too, we noticed that native language content was highly underrepresented. We saw a gap that could be addressed in the whole world.

We landed up creating the most immersive language product that enables users to express themselves in their native language, meet others that speak the same language and also express themselves in multiple other global languages and translate posts in other languages so that they can connect with the world.

This is the insight behind Koo.

Our Focus

Our focus remained non-English users because of this reason. It was an audience that wasn’t being catered to by any other platform and we grew rapidly in native languages. Our plan was to keep building on the language differentiation and growing rapidly in India and across the world.

Global Changes

Elon Musk made an offer to Twitter. And after a few weeks of negotiation, backed out. After a few months of back and forth and legal battles came the final decision of him buying Twitter after a long-drawn suit over the presence of a large % of bots on Twitter. He entered a world infested with bots. A problem created by Twitter in the first place and decided to make users pay for it to solve it.

Bots & $8 for Verification

The new owner started making changes rapidly. Some of them being diametrically opposite to what we believed in. We’ve always believed that a micro-blog is a public space for exchange of information and views, that should be open to all without any barriers. Language or otherwise. Nothing should prevent someone from using this service. While this is a private company, we’ve always given it the treatment that a public good deserves.

We used to believe that our product is relevant to 80% of the world. We now believe that a true alternative to Twitter is not only needed but also very important. It needs to have strong philosophies that don’t go against the interest of humanity at large. Protecting public exchange of views without a paywall is a basic right that the internet must provide.

What we believe

This brings us to the question of what we believe in. Here are some things that we think are crucial and form the backbone of our existence:

  • People power: A public platform like this is about the people. Not about the platform. Every decision is always made using a user first lens. The collective good of the people is given more importance than the benefit of a smaller section.
  • Languages: People connect better in their own language. It’s important for a micro-blog to enable expression, consumption (either through the language or translation services) and discovery of people in languages.
  • One world: We believe that everything done should help close the gaps in the the world, rather than divide it. This includes bridging the language barrier.
  • Content moderation: We believe that the laws of the land must be followed as far as content moderation is concerned. Why? Because nations know their cultural and legal context better than a platform based out of another country. We think it’s disrespectful to create your own legal structures based on a superficial understanding of a country’s context. We can’t deem something illegal if the country’s laws don’t believe so and vice versa. We want to operate out of respect for local laws.
  • Neutrality: This means that the platform doesn’t slap its own views on users. It’s neutral in its operations. A platform needs to be about the people. Not about itself and its interests. Which means that the platform will never influence a user’s choices or decisions.
  • Transparency: We believe that users should know everything that goes on the platform so that they can operate on it with utmost trust. They need to know the algorithms, policies, community guidelines, rules to get an eminence tick mark etc. They need to know before they can trust. We publish all of these clearly on our website to drive this value system within our community and internally.
  • Fairness: Fairness is about having a rule that is either just or unjust to all. It’s about having the same rules for everyone. And to be respectful to people. We believe that people can make mistakes. We never penalize a user for mistakes made. We deal with the mistake instead of dealing with the user. Unless there was a very clear harm to the larger good. Very rarely do users get banned on this platform. We deal with the content. Not the user.
  • Free access for all: We want to provide access to our service for free, without having to charge users for this valuable access. We will introduce monetisation methods that help subsidise this access, either through advertising or through in-app transactions that help users appreciate the content of creators. Access alone will not be monetised.
  • Shared success: We believe that everyone should benefit from using the platform. Not just the platform. If the platform earns revenue, every stakeholder involved also should. Be it the creator or the user. Everyone should make money. We are on our path to create these streams that will enable this going forward so that the platform can respect the time and involvement from the users and creators, alike.

Koo is a breath of fresh air from a language, transparency and fairness perspective in the world. With a great product that empower users globally, in a language of their choice. We invite you to experience the new.

Koo Brazil Update

Koo will very soon introduce Portuguese and let Brazilians post their messages in Portuguese and English on one screen itself. Within a few days itself. Brazil is moving to Koo in hordes. Welcome to Koo, Brazil 🙂

Media in Brazil

For all media queries, reach out to ar@kooapp.com and mayank@kooapp.com. These are the e-mail IDs of the founders. Talk to them directly!