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Koo Becomes the First Significant Social Media Platform to Make its Algorithms Public

  • The move empowers users to manage the kind of content that they wish to see in their feed
  • Builds awareness of how algorithms influence user experiences and choices
  • Establishes Koo as a transparent and safe platform

National, April 20, 2022:  Koo has become the first significant social media platform to publish the philosophy and workings behind its core algorithms. This move reiterates Koo’s commitment to platform transparency and neutrality, while keeping user interests at the core. It empowers users to know why they are seeing the content that they do. These algorithms were made public on Koo’s website in March 2022.

Algorithms are a set of mathematical rules that help to personalize and improve experiences for users based on their own behaviors and preferences. The core tenet of these algorithms is to drive relevancy for a user.

While the focus for Koo has always been on building transparent, intelligent algorithms that function seamlessly, the platform now seeks to educate and make users aware of how it achieves these objectives. Koo discusses the broad variables used in its four main algorithms – Feed, Trending #, People recommendations and Notifications.These four algorithms determine the type of content users see and consume.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-founder & CEO, Koo said, “Koo is at the forefront of promoting transparency and trust on social media. Our algorithms work without any interference and bias. To speak openly about our algorithms is part of our commitment to letting users know that there are no hidden agendas at Koo. In addition to our algorithms, all our policies are explained on our website in multiple languages, for the larger benefit of all users. We will continue to keep users informed about how Koo operates, and how we are building a safe, unbiased and reliable social media platform for the future.”

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo said, “We are very focused on our core stakeholders – users and creators. It’s important to help users discover the right creators and vice versa. Our algorithms help achieve this and also personalize many experiences keeping user relevancy in mind. We value transparency as our core belief. By making our algorithms public we are taking a step towards letting users understand how we drive relevance. Algorithms are constantly evolving, and are experimented with on a very frequent basis, and while we start with publishing these, in the near future, we will also be providing users with the flexibility to see a timeline feed if they so wish. This gives them the best of both worlds.”

In another global-first, Koo recently enabled Voluntary Self-Verification – empowering all users to get recognized as genuine voices on the platform.

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