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Koo becomes World’s First Microblogging Platform to Enable Creators to Compose Posts using ChatGPT

Microblogging 2.0 to enable creators to leverage the power of AI

March 13, 2023: In a global first, India’s microblogging platform, Koo today announced that it has launched a new feature to enable creators to compose and draft posts using ChatGPT. The feature is available to eminent or verified profiles on Koo and will be rolled out to all users soon. 

With the  ChatGPT integration, creators will be able to leverage the power of AI to help draft their Koos. The generative AI feature will provide multiple use cases for creators such as finding the top news of the day or asking for a quote from a well known personality or even asking for the post or a blog to be written on a particular theme all within the draft section. Creators will be able to type their prompts to ChatGPT within the app or use Koo’s voice command feature to give their voice prompt without typing. 

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-Founder, Koo said, “Koo is at the forefront of innovation and we are focused on helping creators express themselves and build a community on the platform. We are always looking for ways to make content creation easy for our users and the integration with ChatGPT will provide creators with intelligent help at their fingertips. We are the first microblogging platform in the world to integrate this tool as a part of our creation flow and hope to get surprised by the various ways creators use this intelligent tool.”

Koo has been consistently innovating to provide several global-first features for the microblogging 2.0 era including free self-verification, talk-to-type to post Koos, ability to edit Koos, and its patent pending Multilingual Koo feature which enables users to post simultaneously in multiple languages. It has also recently launched Koo coins, a Loyalty Program to Reward Users everyday for engaging on the platform. It has taken the most inclusive approach to microblogging that ensures that every stakeholder wins.


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