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Koo Launches “Multi Language Creation” Tool for India

First in the World to launch this Copyright and Patent Pending Innovation


Bangalore, May 25, 2021: Koo announces the launch of their “Multi Language Creation” tool. This tool is tailor-made for India and Indians worldwide. Users will be able to share their thoughts in multiple Indian languages on one screen. Koo becomes the first social media platform in the World to create such a tool.

Koo has filed for a patent in addition to filing and claiming copyright(s) on various aspects of this innovative “Multi Language Creation” tool. This feature has been launched on iOS first and will soon be made available on Android too. Koo is an Indian micro-blogging platform that enables Indians that prefer Indian languages to share their thoughts with others in their mother tongue.

Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-founder, Koo, said “We are very proud to bring the “Multiple Language Creation” feature to our users. It’s very powerful and will help everyone express in multiple Indian regional languages in the most seamless way possible. No other social media platform in the world has ever given Indians something like this. We are happy to be solving a very important need of creators who want to express themselves in multiple Indian languages and connect with different communities, all at once. Today many people are sharing updates related to COVID and help around it. Now, users will be able to post such updates in multiple languages in the most seamless way possible.”

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo, said “India is unique. It has 1000s of languages and dialects. Most products assume that users speak a global language but that’s not true for India. There’s a decent sized population that knows multiple Indian languages. This “Multiple Language Creation” tool enables them to express themselves and share their thoughts in all these languages, at once and on one screen. There’s a need for many creators to connect with multiple communities with the same message but in different languages. If you’re a creator or a celebrity, you want to connect with people in different regions in the language that the users of that region prefer. This tool enables exactly that. We are delighted to present this innovation to India and Indians!”


This feature comes immediately after Koo recently launched their “Talk to Type” feature that enables creators to create without having to use the keyboard. Users can just talk, and the words appear on the screen in the language of the user.

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