Products and Services

By Koo App

Koo App is a microblogging platform operated by Bombinate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. The product and services offered on Koo App are below
  1. Koo Microblogging 2.0: This cutting-edge application and web-based platform enables users to engage in microblogging activities across multiple languages, all while enjoying world-class safety features to ensure a secure online experience.

  2. Koo Eminence: This distinctive marker acknowledges and celebrates users who demonstrate exceptional achievements, skills, professional standing, or overall impact within their respective fields.

  3. Koo Coins: An exclusive rewards program designed to incentivize and recognize user engagement, participation, and contributions within the Koo community.

  4. Koo Green Tick: A user-friendly, voluntary self-verification feature that allows individuals to authenticate their profiles, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness within the platform.

  5. Koo Premium: A top-tier service catering to content creators, which offers enhanced content promotion and increased visibility to attract a wider audience and bolster engagement.

  6. Koo Advertising: A specialized advertising solution that enables businesses and organizations to effectively target and display their promotional content to specific, niche audiences within the Koo platform.
Pricing policy for Koo Premium
Koo Premium is a dynamic pricing product where content creators themselves determine the pricing and nature of content. For more information contact 
Pricing Policy for Koo Advertising 
Koo Advertising pricing is flexible and matches the needs and requirements of clients. Contact for a customised advertising plan.