Reporting and Redressal Forms

By Koo App

This page contains consolidated information about the options available to users for reporting and redressal on various topics.

In-App Reporting: Any registered user can report a violation of the Community Guidelines by clicking on the two dots on the top right corner of a (:) Koo/Comment/Re-Koo and selecting the appropriate reason for reporting. Our team of moderators will review the reported Koo and take action, as required.

Form For Reporting A Violation Of Rule 3 Of The Intermediary Guidelines: Any violation of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 can be reported by using this form.

This form can be specifically used to report grievances by or on behalf of an individual or child, relating to exposure of their private areas, full or partial nudity, or depicting such individual or child in any sexual act or conduct. In addition, users may also write to the Resident Grievance Redressal Officer on or write to

Please note that any submission without an order will not be actioned.

Form for Reinstatement of a Koo: In accordance with the Rules, a user may dispute or request reinstatement of their removed content through the form provided here.

Form for Reinstatement of a Profile: In accordance with the Rules, a user may dispute or request reinstatement of their removed profile through the form provided here.

Form to Request Processing of Personal Data: Users may raise a request for processing their personal data in accordance with Koo's Privacy Policy through the form provided here.

Form for Reporting a Violation of an Intellectual Property Right:
Koo is an intermediary and does not adjudicate cases involving ownership of intellectual property rights. Such adjudications are within the domain of law enforcement or judicial authorities. However, Koo will support any legitimate claims of intellectual property ownership, provided a user has clear legal documents supporting their claim.

The complete details of the violation and ownership of the intellectual property must be submitted using this form. If considered fit, reports will typically be processed within 48 hours. Orders or directions of courts or legal authorities will be honored on priority. Koo does not guarantee that any response will be provided or action will be taken on a report.

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