Data & Its Privacy @Koo

By Koo App

Koo has utmost respect for user rights on data that belongs to them and operate with the principle of transparency and user driven control. We are transparent about what we collect, the purpose the data will be used for and give users the control of what they want to share and how they want to deal with the platform.


By definition, social media companies are children of the digital age and stay alive because of data. Without data, and the insights such data provides, social feeds will be lifeless and unengaging


While a social media company which says that it does not use/want user data is being disingenuous (and certainly a boring place), at the same time, users who say they will not share data are missing out on the whole point of being social. 


The balancing factor, between the requirement of a social media company to offer a “social” experience and the rights of individuals to protect the most essential parts of their identity, is the “intent” behind data collection and how it is used.


In this writeup, we explain Koo’s intent on data collection and use. Specific and detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy


Information that is mandatory to use Koo’s services


In order to create a profile, identity a users and provide services, we collect the following information mandatorily: 


(i) Mobile number and/or E-mail address

(ii) If you use One Tap/Single Sign On from a third party we will store your username or e-mail address or profile photo associated with the third party provider.


Additional Information that a user may provide, but is not mandatory.


Information about self: This is a description of the user and can be enabled/disabled from within the Koo App



Information about device: This information is enabled/disabled from within the device settings as provided by the device manufacturer. This device information is used to optimize user experience.


Banking information: as allowed under relevant laws, for the purposes of redeeming any rewards or conducting any transactions 


Information that Koo Collects in the background 


Koo collects background information to create an engaging social experience – mainly personalization and sharper recommendations. Some of this information can be enabled/disabled from within the device settings depending on the manufacturer.



Sharing your information


Like all other tech companies, we use service providers to supplement our services (storage, OTP generation, data processing etc). Service providers are provided information relevant only to the task they perform, on a need to know basis and in an anonymised and encrypted form. 


At no time, will a service provider be able to identify a Koo user based on the data that is given to them for processing. All service providers follow our B2B Privacy Policy. Koo does not sell user information to third parties or advertisers and does not identify a specific user to a third party or an advertiser. 


Koo compiles with ISO 2700: 2013 principles while collecting, storing, sorting and handling data. Our employees undergo periodic training and we implement strict access controls. 


Rights of Users

Koo recognises the following rights of users:

Access: know the type of information we store and to obtain details of its processing. 

Rectify: correct, update and modify the information available with us.

Cancel: erase, free of charge subject to our lawful processing requirements and legal guidelines.

Object: right to withdraw consent to processing in certain circumstances, subject to our lawful processing requirements. If we are unable to help, we may remove a user from the platform.

Portability: provide users with their data, in a format that our systems are able to process.

These rights may be exercised by filling out the request form at our Reporting and Redressal page.

Specific and detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you have any further questions please write to