Chat Room Policy

By Koo App

This Chatroom Policy (“Chatroom Policy“) governs your use of the Chatrooms feature (“Feature“) on Koo App, made available by Bombinate Technologies Private Limited(“Company”), a company registered under the provisions of the Company Act 2013, with its registered office at 849, 11th Main, 2nd Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar 560008. The Chatroom Policy applies to all chatrooms on the Koo App. Use of the Feature is subject to the Chatroom Policy and violations may result in removal of posts or removal of access to the Feature.

Terms of engagement

  1. Follow the Rules: Koo does not moderate any conversations in this Feature. You acknowledge that you are aware of the unmoderated nature of discussions and that some users may not agree with you. Please read and follow Koo’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy while interacting with other users
  2. Responsibility and Liability: Bombinate Technologies Private Limited is not responsible for the opinions expressed and responses received on the Feature. The views expressed on the Feature are by the users and do not represent the views of Koo or Bombinate Technologies Private Limited. The platform does not assess the veracity or integrity of the facts on the Feature. Koo reserves the right to terminate your access to the Feature if you violate the Chatroom Policy, Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy or appliable laws.
  3. Think, Assess and Post : By posting content on the Feature, you represent and warrant that you are authorised to display, publish or post such content. In other words, you agree that you own the content or are licensed to publish it and agree that such content does not and will not violate the privacy rights, intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity. Follow the rules, exercise caution and sound judgement before you post any content on the Feature. Koo prohibits posting any content that is patently false and untrue and is misleading.
  4. Being Civil: Contributions must be civil and polite, not with an intention of causing harm. Avoid posting content that is abusive, illegal, offensive and unlawful. For more information, refer to Koo App’s Community Guidelines.
  5. No sharing: Do not transcribe, record, take screenshots, share or reproduce information shared on the Feature on any other platform.
  6. Different Opinions, Respect it: The Koo App and this Feature reflects the voices of the country. The purpose is to enable exchange of ideas, views and opinions and facilitate discussions. To ensure this goal is achieved, we urge you not to use language that may be offensive, invades users’ privacy and harass them, promotes violence and illegal activity. To understand the rules of conduct, please consult our Community Guidelines. While you have the right to express your opinions, ensure that you use it with responsibility.
  7. Contact Us: If you note any violation of the platform’s Chatroom Policy, Terms and Conditions, Community Guidelines or Privacy Policy, please report it to Use our Reporting and Redressal Options for complaints related to removal of content.

If you Do Not accept the terms of the Chatroom Policy, please do not participate in the Chatroom.

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