Koo’s Commitment to Election 2022

By Koo App

As a platform, Koo enables exchange of thoughts, ideas and views. Among other reasons, people visit Koo to participate in discussions, develop opinions on current affairs and learn about political leaders. We are cognizant that this influences opinions held by people of political leaders, parties and their policies. In effect, playing a key role in the hallmark of our democracy: Elections.

Free and fair elections constitute the foundation of our democracy. This includes disseminating information according to the laws of the country. From the announcement of elections to declaration of results: Koo understands that information circulated during this process is extremely important for all stakeholders. That is why, to the best of its ability, Koo is committed to supporting such democratic processes by assisting in maintaining the integrity and transparency of the electoral process. In this context, Koo:

  1. Abides by the Voluntary Code of Ethics for the General Elections 2019

Koo signed the Voluntary Code to identify the measures it can put in place to increase confidence in the electoral process. This is to safeguard the services of the platform against misuse to vitiate the free and fair character of the elections.

  1. Collaborates with the Election Commission of India

Koo will work with the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee and other departments of the Election Commission of India to address any violations on the platform. This includes but is not limited to reports of violating any provision of the Representative of the People Act, 1951, Model Code of Conduct and applicable instructions by the Election Commission of India and other laws.

  1. Does not host paid political advertisements

Koo does not receive any monetary sum from any political party to host and make visible political advertisements. That said, political advertisements that are pre-certified by the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee may be hosted on the platform. However, such advertisements are subject to the applicable laws in force. In the event that political advertisements are reported to be in violation of such laws, the platform will respond.

  1. Informs users on permissible conduct on the platform

To understand permissible and impermissible conduct on the platform, refer to our Community Guidelines. These guidelines apply to election-related content and conduct on the platform. For more information on conduct for political parties, nominated candidates etc, refer to the information published by Election Commission of India.

If you have any questions or concerns around how Koo supports the election process please contact us at redressal@kooapp.com with the subject line Election 2022.

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