Social Media Charter

By Koo App

Koo’s charter for a model social media intermediary​

Koo is a microblogging platform for Indians to express themselves in their mother tongues. Koo is an inclusive and open platform where people from all walks of life, communities, and abilities can freely express themselves.

Social media is the most public part of an individual’s private life. This requires social media intermediaries to work towards making their platform accessible and safe. Social Media Intermediaries must set guidelines and policies that will not only protect their users’ freedom of speech but also their dignity. While doing so, social media platforms must act as intermediaries in the truest sense, by being neutral.

Koo understands the responsibility that comes with being a significant social media intermediary and has created a Charter for a Model Social Media Intermediary. This Charter sets a standard for conduct by social media platforms at a time when the public and policy-makers are trying to find innovative ways to manage social media networks.

Article 1: Communities and Content 

As a Significant Social Media entity, Koo will curate communities of creators and users around regional languages and local themes leading to meaningful, enriching interactions which matter in everyday life.

Article 2: Recognizing Eminence in Communities

Communities thrive by emulating the behavior of their eminent participants. Koo recognizes the value of leading personalities in a society and recognizes them through its Eminence status. Eminence is a recognition of the impact, stature, achievements, abilities, or professional status and is awarded based on transparent, pre-defined criteria which reflect regional ethos and achievements.

Article 3: Authenticity in Identities 

Koo strongly supports authenticity in engagements. Anonymity creates unwarranted challenges like cyberbullying, misinformation, and disinformation. Koo is an open platform and will empower its users to build authentic digital identities and create a responsible user base.  

Article 4: Neutrality

Koo acts only as an intermediary and will not publish or editorialize user content. Users must be enabled to express themselves in their own languages and in the framework defined by applicable law.

Article 5: Policy Enforcement

Content on a social media platform is largely a reflection of society. As a neutral intermediary, Koo will not impose its own restrictions on user-generated content or its moderation.  Any content moderation will be in accordance with applicable law. Koo will also work towards ensuring that users have adequate reporting and resolution mechanisms to deal with content that is not a reflection of society or not in compliance with applicable law. 

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